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The Company possesses a huge infrastructure complying  international standards to produce high quality psyllium/ plantago ovata/ isabgol/ ispaghula products for the world market.  The company has install capacity of processing 140 M.T. of Psyllium Husk per month. The complete infrastructure has been developed as per the GMP (hygienic) norms and consists different processing units as :

  • Raw material storage - the raw material i.e psyllium seeds are thoroughly checked by our botanical team before storage and kept in closed, clean storage area free from moisture, insects, rats and any other kind of contamination.

  • Cleaning of Psyllium Seeds - the raw psyllium seeds are cleaned by mechanical process through various steps of processing, which does not include any kind of toxic or hazardous chemicals. A mixture of dehusk material is collected for processing.

  • Dehusking Process - by a grinding system to pulverise psyllium with fully automatic feeder to produce mixture and dehusked materials.

  • Husk Grading - husk cleaning and grading is automatic process and is handled by the latest automatic blowers. Vikas has developed  their own, unique designed plant especially for this process.

  • Purity Separation - State-of-the-art sievers with 4 layers of different screens and magnets is being installed to handle husk cleaning 400 kilos/hour

  • Fumigation Process

    Raw Psyllium Seeds ready for processing are equally
        fumigated in their storage area to avoid any kind of
        contamination in raw material.
    Final Psyllium products i.e. Husk, Powder etc. are
        fumigated in the fumigation chamber under latest
        international guidelines with approved chemical 
        reagents like Methyl Bromide.
    All the Psyllium products are sterilised by Ethylene
        Oxide and Gamma radiation on demand.

  • Powder Plant - the most advanced powder plant installed at Vikas Industries can produce 5 metric tons per day with particle sizes varying from 40 mesh to 100 mesh.

  • Packaging - Final Psyllium products are packed in total hygienic conditions by following GMP norms in the GMP approved packaging area.

  • Modes of Packing - The packing of the processed product is done as per the requirement of buyers. Standard packing procedure includesó 

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HDPE jumbo bags with capacity of 950 and
    500 kg each.
25 kg capacity HDPE laminated paper bags
    with plastic liner inside.
25kg and 50kg capacity fibre drums.
35-40 kg gunny bags.
Other forms of packing can be arranged as per
    buyers requirements.